Product Release Notes - 6.06.2018

New Features

Create "High Priority" Quick Search for Reviews

  • A New "High Priority" quick search option that retrieves all uncompleted 1-3 star reviews has been added.

Track ROI Based on Day of Week

  • Campaigns ROI can now be tracked during a time period by the day of week such as only Mondays and Wednesdays.

Reset Button on Reviews Page

  • There is now a button to 'reset' to original filters on the Review Management dashboard. If a user has filters for 'source,' has email, etc. they can hit ' reset' to go back to all the defaults the page has when you first log in.

Feature Improvements

Capture GC Reservation Notes

  • Guest Center reservation notes are now available in your Pre-Shit as: Guest Requests, Restaurant Notes & Open Table Offer.

Edit the "Rate your Overall Experience" Question text

  • Users can now completely customize the text used in the "Overall Experience" question so that the language of the question appropriately fits their survey needs, such as for special events or secret shoppers. Users cannot remove or leave the question blank.

Feature Selection Tooltip on Hover

  • When users hover over a filter that has text hidden by the "...", they will now see a tool-tip that displays all the selected items from that drop down. The labels for "All X Group" have been updated to "All Locations", and the report builder export layout was fixed for a clearer UX.

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