Product Release Notes - 8.07.2018

New Features

Track ROI By Reservation Code

  • Marketing campaigns imported from integrated email service providers can now be tracked by reservation code. Feature supports using existing codes or typing in a new code that will be used in the future. 

Feature Improvements

Updated "Reviews with Comments" button

  • The "reviews with comments" check box has been replaced by two buttons to more clearly illustrate which reviews are being viewed.

Report Export Updates

  • Reports exported from Report Builder now contain updated total visits columns and a column for visit location when applicable. The total visits column is now broken into two columns, one for visits to the listed restaurant, and total visits to the whole group. 

Updated Survey Redirect Error Messages

  • The error messages received when an invalid link is entered as a survey redirect have been updated to more clearly communicate the error. Included in this update is support for longer redirect links.

Weekly Feedback Report Updates

  • Labels and spacing have been updated in the Weekly Feedback Report for increased clarity.

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