Feedback Dashboard Tips and best Practices

The Feedback Dashboard has everything you need to manage incoming reviews, and analyze them on a deeper level than ever before. 

View all Your Review Sources.

  • The review Summary shows you the top six sources your guests have used to review your restaurant during the filtered period. To see the rest of your sources, click the View All Sources link in the Ratings By Source header. 

Find the Right Review with Review Search

  • Use the search bar at the top of the reviews list to quickly search for any guest or review keyword.

Keep your whole team on task and up to date.

  • Assign review responsibility to specific users, so no reviews fall through the cracks.
  • Add Followers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Any time a review changes, any followers are automatically notified.
  • Status icons allow you to mark reviews with a single click so your team knows how each review is progressing.
  • Add custom Tags to highlight key terms. Tags can be used to filter reviews later.

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Use Response Templates for Faster Responses

  • Create and save custom response templates to store signatures or create standard responses for everyone on the team to use. 

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Scroll Trends & Metrics Graphs to see more data

  • Graphs on the Trends & Metrics page show a maximum of 6 months. If you’re working with larger date ranges, click and drag the graph left or right to scroll the visible range.

Set Benchmarks to compare yourself to your competitors

  • Venga’s Benchmarking feature compares your performance on the Trends & Metrics and Sentiment pages to your competitors.
  • Choose regional analysis or compare yourself to leading brands. Benchmarks appear alongside your own data in graphs and tables.

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Dive Deeper with Sentiment Analysis

  • Venga uses IBM’s Watson to analyze every word of every review and provide sentiment grades for the categories most impacting your business: Food, Service, Beverage, Atmosphere, and Value.
  • Click on a grade in the Sentiment table to display the category detail.
  • Click on a word in the category detail to display the full text of all mentions of the word.  

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