Mailchimp Integration: Tips and Best Practices

Integrating with Mailchimp applies Venga’s powerful analysis to your email marketing. Check out the recommendations below to make sure your Mailchimp integration is firing on all cylinders.

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Account Management Tips

How to Use Venga Groups

Account Management Tips

Combine Your Accounts

  • MailChimp allows Venga to integrate with one account per group. If you have multiple Mailchimp accounts, they can be combined into a single account. 

Learn More about combining MailChimp accounts.

Consolidate Your Lists

  • Use a single master list in MailChimp. A master list allows a single campaign to be sent to all qualified contacts (MailChimp does not allow a single campaign to be sent to multiple lists).
  • Organize contacts within the master list. Contacts can be organized into Groups and Subgroups within the master list to keep everything neat and tidy. 
  • Save money! Mailchimp charges per list. If the same contact is in two lists, Mailchimp charges for that contact twice.

Learn More about Groups in MailChimp.

Don’t Delete the Venga Groups!

  • Venga creates a new Group called Restaurants when contacts begin exporting.
  • Each location has its own Subgroup within the Restaurants group.
  • Deleting the Restaurants Group or its Subgroups causes the integration to break, so please don’t.

Streamline Groups

  • Add existing contacts to the new Venga Restaurants Group or location Subgroups. Selecting campaign recipients is easiest if all contacts are available in a single group or subgroup.

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How to Use Venga Groups

  • Each location has its own subgroup in the Restaurants Group created by Venga.
  • When a campaign is ready to send, select the appropriate Group(s) or Subgroup(s). Campaigns can be sent to multiple Groups or Subgroups. Any overlapping contacts are automatically removed by Mailchimp so the guest does not receive the same email more than once. Note: This only applies to Groups within the same List. A single campaign cannot be sent to multiple lists.

Learn More about sending campaigns using Groups.

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