Product Release Notes - 3.31.2018

New Features

Reputation Management Weekly Report

  • Reputation Management users can now opt-in to receive weekly reports that summarize their restaurant's review performance from the past week.

Improved Preshift Profile

  • The Preshift Report has been completely overhauled and introduces an advanced social component, which puts guests into social media buckets based on the number of followers they have. Identify high profile clients or influencers at a glance. The report has also been consolidated to make more effective use of space, and provides an overview of clients as well as shift cover/resos breakdown information.

Sentiment Spot-Checker for Keywords

  • Dashboard Admins now have the ability to edit the sentiment scores for all keywords identified in a review through the Sentiment Term modal window.

Dine Analytics: Guest Segmentation & Diner Trends

  • VengaDine Analytics are now available: drill into Guest Segmentation using Guest & Reservation codes, or view Diner Trends such as First Time Guests and Returning Guests. The Staff tab has been moved under Analytics as a subtab.

Break Down Marketing Results by Location

  • The Marketing Campaign Detail pages now provide a breakdown for visits and spend by location when campaigns are tracking ROI for multiple locations. The View Recipients modal also allows users to filter diner details by location.

90 Day Look Ahead for Guest Center

  • Venga now retrieves 3 months of future reservation data from your GuestCenter reservation books. Users can now view Pre-Shift reports on the dashboard up to 90 days into the future. This data can also be used in Business Intelligence reporting.

Filter Reviews by Survey

  • Users are now able to filter reviews on the Feedback Reviews tab by specified survey. When user selects review source as "Venga", the new filter will automatically be available.


"Opted Out Guest" Appearance on Preshift

  • In the Pre-Shift report, guests who opted out of communication will simply display: "Opted Out Guest".

Group by Email Open Recipients Tab

  • In the "View Recipients" modal, the "Opened" tab now only lists unique opens in the modal.

Do not hide review overview when too few reviews

  • The minimum for the review summary has been removed, and will always be displayed for any number of reviews.

Display Sentiment Loading Bar at Top of Chart

  • The loading icon will always be displayed to the top whenever the sentiment graph is loading. For groups with many locations, the loading icon would sometimes appear in the middle of the graph making it unclear if the product froze or if it is loading.

Changes to Default Option on Feedback Tab

  • The review summary now displays the summary for all reviews received. It is no longer filtered when the "Hide reviews with no comments" toggle is adjusted.

Email Guest/Customer UI

  • The Email Guest UI has been updated to match our new dashboard styles, and we changed "Customer" to "Guest".

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