Admin Tools Tips and Best Practices

As a Venga Client Admin, you have access to everything you need to configure and manage your account. To get there, click the silhouette at the top right of the dashboard and select  Admin Tools.

Check out the tips below for configuring your account or Log In to the Dashboard and get started.

Set Up Your Team
Create Subgroups for Easier Management
Adjust Pre-Shift Email Report Times
Set Up Venga Recurring Email Campaigns
Create Feedback Surveys
Manage Billing Information
See What Your Team Is Doing

Set Up Your Team

  • Make sure to add all the members of your team to your account and select whether they should have dashboard and/or report access.
  • Add users individually or in bulk with just a few clicks. 

Learn More: Add or Remove A User

Create Subgroups for Easier management.

  • If you are part of a large group you can group locations together based on concept, region, or whatever works best for you, for easy access to just the data you want to see. With subgroups you can:
    • Consolidate your Daily Feedback Report to reduce email volume
    • Easily isolate data on the dashboard by filtering by subgroup

Learn More: Create and Manage Subgroups |  Consolidate a User's Feedback Reports

Adjust Pre-shift Email report times

  • The default send times for Pre-Shift reports are:
    • Lunch: 11:00am
    • Dinner: 4:00pm
  • Send times can be changed in the Reports section of Admin Tools.

Learn More: Change The Time Pre-Shift Reports Are Sent

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Set up Venga recurring email campaigns

  • Recurring emails are great for any message that can be triggered by an event, like sending your guests a Venga Feedback Survey after they dine, or wishing them a happy birthday. Three are included in your service. Contact us to get started!

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Create Feedback Surveys

  • Venga Feedback Surveys give you direct access to your guests impressions and opinions.
  • Surveys are not linked to specific locations so you can ask the same questions at multiple locations without recreating the survey each time.
  • Multiple surveys can be used at the same location.
  • Surveys can be sent in a recurring email, linked on your website, or used in signage and collateral in the restaurant.

Learn More: Create and Manage Feedback Surveys   |  Create a Venga Email Campaign

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Manage Billing Information

  • Manage Billing information for all accounts in one place.
  • Update billing information in the Billings & Payments section of Admin Tools.

Learn More: Update Billing Information

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See what Your Team is Doing

  • The Admin Usage Timeline displays actions taken by members of your team while using the Venga dashboard.
  • Actions recorded on the timeline are:
    • Changes to the Users list (users created/deleted, dashboard access added/revoked, reports assigned/unassigned).
    • Reports exported from Report Builder
    • Changes to marketing campaigns (campaigns created, campaigns enabled/disabled, ROI tracking configured).
    • Responses to Google and Facebook reviews.
    • Reviews marked invalid.
    • Changes to review sentiment

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