Product Release Notes - 4.30.2018

New Features

Incorporate HelpScout Beacon into Dashboards

  • A new beacon is now available at the bottom right corner of your screen (orange question mark icon). You can search for and access any support articles from the beacon without leaving your screen. You can send the support team a message directly from the beacon.

Dine Analytics: First two tabs

  • "We added two new ""Analytics"" tabs. The new insights in your Analytics Tab include:
    • Guest Segments: by guest codes, reservations codes and spend
    • Diner Trends: new guests, repeat guests and time between visits
    • The staff tab has been relocated under the new ""Analytics"" tab. "

Feature Improvements

Weekly Report - Marketing Section Clarity

  • In the weekly report, marketing campaigns that are unconfigured are no longer listed individually in the "marketing" results table. In place is the number of unconfigured campaigns linked to the dashboard to set them up.

AND/OR logic in list builder

  • The Report Builder Guest Code report now supports searching for guest with ALL of the selected codes or for guests with ANY of the selected codes.

Update Unsubscribed Identifiers in Report Builder Exports

  • The Unsubscribed column from the Report Builder has been updated from Y/N to U/S to represent Subscribed/Unsubscribed.

Additional Sources on Sentiment Tab

  • Two new source filters have been added to the sentiment tool: Facebook and Google.

Inaccurate Description on Dashboard

  • We upgraded the name label that showcases all the locations you are affiliated with in your Venga Dashboard to reflect a more accurate representation of results. Instead of having the name of the parent corporation as the label such as "All of Venga Restaurant Group", now it will simply say: “All Locations”.

Dynamically calculate the y axis on T&M page

  • We upgraded the Y-Axis display for all your charts in “Trends & Metrics” to show you more precise movements. The Y-Axis is now dynamic so its value range will adapt to the minimum and maximum values of the client results.

Template Management

  • You can now create an unlimited number of email templates, and they do no longer have to be tied to one specific location.

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